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Welcome to Free Fuzion

Free Fuzion has been created with you in mind...

Having spent the last few years working as a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, teaching people a wide variety of techniques to manage the stresses, strains and demands of everyday life. It soon became apparent to me that there was something that most of us could benefit from, including myself, but didn't yet exist!

So I created Free Fuzion.

We are taught from an early age that if we want to get fit we exercise. If we want to be a healthy weight, we eat a balanced diet. If we want to learn a new skill we go to a class or a teacher. But what do we do to ensure we are emotionally fit and have the skills to manage life's demands?

Free Fuzion is the answer.

This affordable, accessible, inclusive class requires no level of physical fitness, no level of flexibility, is suitable for everyone whatever your age, gender or health status.

In a Fun and friendly fitness class or workshop setting you will learn all you need to train both your mind and body to be emotionally fit and well.






The 8 point Free Fuzion system

Free Fuzion is built around an 8 point system, covering the 8 areas that are essential and effective tools for creating both a healthy mind and body.

You will find most of the exercises cover a number of these areas so just a few minutes a day and you will be feeling your best.

  • Self awareness
  • Movement
  • release of tension
  • Breath
  • Focus
  • Imagination
  • Relaxation
  • Creation of happy hormones

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